About the Verduyn Group

Verduyn is a family company that grows, washes, sorts, separates, cuts, packs and sells all kinds of vegetables. We work closely with hundreds of vegetable growers in Belgium and abroad.  Our advisers are by their side, offering well-thought-out cultivation guidance. The group also has its own agricultural company, where we grow various types of vegetables. The fresh market, the food service sector and the industry take advantage of the quality of our fresh vegetables. The company is managed by the Verduyn family and the future is secure with the third generation at the helm.

We specialise in carrot products and are one of the largest carrot specialists in Europe, offering a wide range of quality carrots for various uses.

Quality and efficiency

Verduyn continuously invests in quality and efficiency. We closely monitor the latest technological developments, with a view to optimising production, packaging custom products for our customers and logistics.  Our services range from the planting of the seeds to the supply of a finished product to our customers. Our team believes in only supplying excellent products and services.

Flexibility and speed

Verduyn prides itself on offering quality, flexibility and a speedy delivery. Thanks to our scale, we can always respond quickly to our customers' needs, offering them a custom solution.. We are perfectionists when it comes to growing and processing vegetables. Our comprehensive product knowledge is the best quality guarantee. Our company started with the basics – namely growing vegetables - and we now reap ‘the vegetables’ of our efforts.


Verduyn wants to:

  • efficiently supply healthy, fresh vegetables to the market
  • be a European market leader
  • offer an answer to every request relating to fresh vegetables

Sustainable entrepreneurship

  • use and generation of green energy (solar park)
  • recycling of waste-water with a closed waste-water purification facility
  • recycling of waste streams
  • environmentally-friendly and bio-degradable packaging
  • ammonia-based environmentally-friendly and low-energy cooling installation

Contact us now to discover more about our passion for quality vegetables!

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