In this division, we handle and process vegetables into semi-manufactured goods. These are then supplied to industrial caterers, 4th and 5th range, the frozen and tinned vegetable market, drying facilities for extracts... Here these semi-manufactured goods are then processed into finished products.

Packaged to your wishes

Verduyn washes, cuts, peels, chills and packages all kinds of fresh vegetables, taking into account our customers' specifications.  All the finished products are supplied chilled, with hydrocooling (1°C) or air cooling (1°C). We also offer various types of packaging, including big bags, crates or small packaging. We make whatever the customer wants. Verduyn offers a custom service.


  • peeled/unpeeled
  • topped full length
  • topped (8 cm lengths)
  • supplied in crates, big bags or 10 kg
  • various varieties possible

Other vegetables

  • celeriac
  • cut white celery
  • parsnip
  • cored green and red cabbage

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