Verduyn's agricultural division is a professional sourcing service for fresh vegetables. Our aim is simple: we find the best vegetables in the most qualitative growing areas. This shows how much of a perfectionist we are. We then conclude contacts with farmers, which are monitored by specialists in various vegetable varieties. We oversee the growing process and closely monitor everything. As a result, problems are tackled even before they occur and we can always supply the tastiest vegetables.

A comprehensive growing system

Our agricultural division works to a waterproof system:

  • certified agricultural experts are in touch with the various growers
  • they study the soil analyses
  • they then choose the most suitable parcels
  • they discuss fertilisation
  • they set a date for sowing the seeds and develop a planning schedule
  • they limit the use of pesticides as much as possible
  • the agricultural experts monitor the entire process
  • a report is drawn up for every parcel
  • all the processes are supervised and are carried out in close consultation
  • a sample is always taken before harvest to determine the quality and use of the vegetables
  • the harvest date is set

This process guarantees fresh vegetables, of an optimum quality, for us and our customers.It also demonstrates our extremely professional approach, which is aimed at the highest possible efficiency.

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