These vegetables serve a double purpose. Firstly, Verduyn uses these industrial vegetables for processing them into semi-manufactured goods. They are mainly used for tinned and frozen vegetable market, are dried or used in extracts. Secondly, Verduyn buys regional vegetables to sell them to companies that offer these products as part of their range, but cannot grow any in their own region or country.

Amazing flexibility

The vegetables can be washed and cut for sale. The products are divided in bulk or by the pallet by our own logistics division.  Verduyn transports vegetables as bulk or chilled (1°C).


We specialise in baby carrots. They are the roots of the Verduyn Group, in every sense of the word. We are the European market leader for growing and processing this type of carrot.

Plenty of baby carrots

The carrots can be washed, sorted and cut for delivery. Optical scanners and lasers assure the quality selection of the vegetables. Our production line has an input of 45 tons/hour and an output of 35 tons/hour. We process a total of 100,000 tons of vegetables for industrial use.

Growing areas

  • Northern Netherlands
  • Southern Netherlands
  • Northern Belgium
  • Laon (France)
  • Bordeaux (South of France)

Other vegetables

  • salsify (Southern Netherlands, Flanders, Laon (France))
  • Brussels sprouts (West Flanders, Northern France)
  • cauliflower (West Flanders, Northern France)
  • celeriac (Southern Netherlands, West Flanders, Northern France)
  • white celery (West Flanders)
  • green celery (West Flanders)
  • leek (West Flanders)
  • turnip (Northern France)
  • spinach (West Flanders, Northern France)
  • sliced carrots (Belgium, Netherlands, France)

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