At Verduyn, this relation of the cauliflower is extremely popular, selling well in supermarkets, mass-catering and with caterers. The more, the better! Nicely packed, sorted, cut and trimmed, as a whole or in florets.

Bravo to broccoli

You can buy our broccoli in shops under the Belle du Jardin brand name, or in the chain's own packaging, in bunches, nets or flowpacks, or loose in EPS, IFCO, cardboard cartons or wooden crates. Or in industrial containers if you need larger quantities. Our growing areas in West and East Flanders and Northern France have the perfect soil for this vegetable, which combines nicely with rice or in a quiche, or which produces the most delicious soup.

This plant from the garlic family was grown as early as 2100BC and over the centuries, it finally made it to our fields in West and East Flanders. And from there it is supplied to mass catering facilities, supermarkets or other players in the food industry, in no time at all.