- As a maintenance technician within this family business, after an introductory period, you will be jointly responsible for the preventive and curative maintenance of the machinery.

- You replace or repair electrical or mechanical parts when necessary and you carry out checks on the installations.

- When there is a mechanical or electrical failure, you solve it as soon as possible in the correct way.

- You report to the maintenance manager.


- You preferably have an A2 or bachelors degree in a relevant field (mechanics, electromechanics, electricity) and have at least a first job experience in a production environment.

- You have a good technical insight and can quickly analyse problems.

- You communicate clearly and coordinate constantly with your technical colleagues.

- You are stress resistant and able to set the right priorities in different situations

- Safety is very important to you

- You can work independently, have a strong sense of responsibility and are flexible.

- You know Dutch well, both written and spoken, and also know some English.

- It is an advantage if you already have knowledge of welding techniques and pneumatics.

- You are willing to work in a 2-shift system. (5h to 13h / 13h to 21h - alternating)


- Full-time vacancy

- You will be working for a company in full growth, where the atmosphere is pleasant.

- You will experience the strong points of a large SME in combination with the short decision lines and strong appreciation of a family business.

- In return for your efforts, you will be paid a competitive salary    

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