Vegetables have a positive image

Verduyn, a European grower and distributor of fresh vegetables, which is still a family-owned company, is somewhat hidden in the fields. Hanne Rondelez works in payroll there. 

“Our speciality is carrots and we are the European market leader for this segment, with 120,000 tons a year,” says Alexander Verduyn. “It's something we've always done. We just happen to be good at it. What's more, carrots are a basic product, a volume product even though there are different varieties available.

We have branches in Arras in Northern France and in Spain. Here in Kortemark, we mainly process the vegetables. Many Verduyn workers come from Northern France or are Poles living in the region. Most of our administrative staff live in the region. This includes Hanne Rondelez, who comes from Handzame but lives in Werken. “I've worked here for six years already, but this is my first proper job. I started out working here during the holidays, then I did a work placement and that is how I rolled into it. Initially I worked as a receptionist, then in administration and then in payroll. …

Author: Jo De Clerck

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